English Plant Names

In the following list we have collected the English names of all plants which can be obtained through our archive. The reasons for this relatively new endeavour by our agency are the new forms of communication and marketing with which we have been confronted since we decided to present our material at an international level and via Internet in the year 2001.
In our use of English plant names we follow (amongst others) the entries of the 17th edition of Zander Handwörterbuch der Pflanzennamen (Dictionary of Plant Names), but we are well aware of the fact that this dictionary does not cover world-wide botanical vegetation and that its editors too are still struggling for a reliable nomenclature in the international usage of plant names. The fact that even the British and the American usage of English plant names may differ considerably is only one aspect to this problem. The local naming of plants in African and Asiatic countries is a further dimension.
So we can only state that we have tried our very best to find a reliable solution to the problem which we saw ourselves confronted with when we integrated the English nomenclature into our search engine. We would be thankful for any hint which might help us to improve the English (=international) function of our index and search engine. So far more than 8.000 english plant names are considered in the description of our botanical documentation.
For the present we still suggest, that in case of doubt you follow our scientific nomenclature for any serious international research, this being the only reliable international nomenclature in the field of plant names. There we follow the naming of plants according to the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN) in the current version of the “Saint Louis Code” of 2000.

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